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Shipping & Returns

Presently our products are downloads, not shipped. This keeps down shipping and tariff costs (depending on where you are located). This means that as soon as payment is received by credit card, your item is ready for instant download. No waiting for your purchase!

Here is an example of why we don't ship products!

Here we save YOU money!

Orders that are shipped are usually shipped within 48 hours after payment is received! AAA1Downloads are instantly received! No waiting for delivery! Most packages are shipped by UPS Ground rate to the United States (7 to 10 days for delivery after package is shipped). Orders up to $25 are $8.50 shipping; over $50 is $15 shipping; over $100 is $25 shipping. There is a $1 shipping and handling fee per order. This shipping cost also includes Insurance. If an item is returned within 7 days of receipt, a credit would be issued (to be used in store) and the customer is responsible for all shipping return costs. This is an example of why AAA1Downloads chose to make our products downloads!

Our company is determined to keep your costs for your products at it's lowest! We want you to be totally satisfied with your product when you order it! AAA1Downloads provides instant access to the products you love and want!

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